Roc Solo


Virginia native Roc Solo, born in the Norfolk area has a bright future ahead as he continues to perfect his craft and try to be the greatest there is. What’s an artist without confidence right? Well he’s got it but he has a reason to be.
Roc Solo has a unique and thoughtful nature to make fun and creative music. Each piece of work carefully constructed to display his versatility on the microphone. With a collection of material, Roc Solo has something to match any mood. Now with an established flow and a gift of witty and catchy word play, he is on his way.
From the 757 to the DMV, if you haven’t heard of Roc Solo then you probably know someone or know someone that knows someone that totally rocks with him. Trust me! Catch his latest music available on all platforms. From his new HIT single “Play No Fool” , HEARTACHE DRIPPIN , 1432 EP , and more . Visuals shot by. GREEN DIAMOND PRODUCTION, & FIDELA FILMS.